Latest Addition to Mombasa Cars
car sales kenya
Toyota RAV4
Ksh. 960,000.00
car sales kenya
Volkswagen %%
Ksh. 3,600,000.00
car sales kenya
Toyota Camry
Ksh. 2,160,000.00
car sales kenya
Toyota Crown Royal Series
Ksh. 990,000.00
car sales kenya
Mitsubishi Pajero
Ksh. 680,000.00
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Welcome to Mombasa Cars

At Mombasa Cars, we believe that buying or selling a used car should be a pleasure and hassle free. As one of Kenya's top classified cars websites, we have a collection of hundreds of quality used cars. Whether it is your first purchase or the latest in a string of second hand car buys, using Mombasa Cars will be a breeze.

Mombasa Cars is the ideal place to search for a second hand car. We have a wide variety of car makes that you are sure to find the car that you want. Our website lets you choose the car make and model that you want as well as zoning into the location of that you would like to buy from (i.e. Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, etc.